Lady Gaga Flashes Pierced Vagina

Lady Gaga Flashes Pierced Vagina
Lady Gaga suffered a Serious Wardrobe Malfunction after Stepping Out during a Photo Shoot for Vanity Fair in the Meat Packing District of New York City, revealing a pierced “Lady Flower.”
After stepping out during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair in the meat packing district of New York City
Lady Gaga suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction
revealing a pierced “Lady Flower.”
The avant-garde fashion trend-setter pushed the envelope a little too far in the futuristic redensemble you see above.
She wore her patented super-high heelless shoes and glammed out shades.
In addition she wore a form fitting red dress that intended to have a very high seam cut up her left thigh.
Unfortunately for Gaga that seam got a little unseemly as it scooted on over and introduced herprivate area to the big apple.
Lady Gaga is a creative force that has tested the preconceived notions of overexposure and putting yourself out there.
I just don’t think she specifically intended to go about it this way.
Or did she!!?!
Here is a zoom in that I feel obliged to provide out of duty.
I mean what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t explore all the facets
of this promisingly legendary wardrobe malfunction

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One Response to “Lady Gaga Flashes Pierced Vagina”

  1. danieluv Says:

    hmmm….i have seen the pierced red dress picture of lady gaga but, i have never saw what is called a pierced red vagina. why is the ‘s’ word doing blocking my view? people in the media should not be hidden. if a girl flashes her pussy, publish it. not that we are porn addicts. we are adults for crying out loud. when a grown up does something, they are fully responsible. if you are drunk and consent to have sex, do not wake up tomorrow and blame the world if the spread is splashed on the whole media ( press + electronic). britney spears flashed hers and the whole wide world googled and oggled, tony braxton showed us her brownish arse. come one people. why hide something for which us, the elders know? hiding turn both young and old into sex addicts.

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